Coltech Inc Aims

  • Simply recruiting

  • Level Playing field between small business and large corporation recruiting.

  • Stay Local

  • Allow Job seeker to take control of their job search


How to Realize our Goal


  • Coltech created an easy to use system that allows its client to accomplish more with less work.

  • We’ve partners with more than 55 job boards including major players in niche recruiting job boards.

  • Client’s job requirements will be shared with niche partnering job boards.


  • Clients will able to reach out to active or passive job seekers

  • Job seekers can leverage Coltech tools to streamline their job search, tell employer when to reach out.

  •  We’re developing relationship with local employers

  •  Qualify job seekers.

  • Guiding employers in creating  job requirements.


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Quick Company Overview


Coltech provides job listing services and employment solutions to its clients who want to achieve their great career objectives.


Here at Coltech, our main objective is to provide not only the job seekers, but also the companies, great employment opportunities that sheds light on the rising talent in today’s world.


At Coltech, we deal in all ranges of employment solutions in many industries which is why we ensure total reliability and diversity in our strong and long-term relationships with renowned companies and brands.


At Coltech, we provide all ranges of employment solutions in many industries; which leads us to ensure total reliability and diversity in our strong and long lasting relations with renowned brands and companies.


To remain competitive in our industry, we ensure a thorough screening process, insuring the best talent is being forwarded to world-class companies in the job placement market.


Our Values


  • We direct our attention in strengthened relationships and integrated teamwork to provide the best services to our clients. We achieve this by taking responsibility for our actions and reputations, as well as the promises we make.
  • This has always been our objective and a part of our core values which gives us direction and helps us stay focused. These core values have led our team to become value-driven.
  • We offer our clients the greatest career opportunities and welcome anyone from every profession. This has made us and our network diverse and highly passionate about making a difference.