Newly added easy to use Schedule Interview tool allows employers schedule Interview.  Copy & paste interviewee Job seeker’s email address, CC participating interviewers. It’s that simple.



Employers can seek job seekers availability. Click on Ask For Availability on top right. Enter one or more candidates email address. It’s optional to right a message prior to send. It’s that simple.


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  • Employers can select highly qualified candidate from our database. 

  • Free to choose, evaluate and match with your open requirements.

  • Our privileged service on a price hard to beat in the marketplace.

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Employers can post jobs free on Coltech’s Job placement website.

We are partnering with more than 50 job boards including  trusted widely used name in recruiting.


Coltech’s value added customer service, commitment to quality, genuine and fair business practices gained repeating clients.


Find the right type of employees perfect for your organizational growth on Coltech. Post jobs, find employees; it’s just that simple!


Coltech prowls the web to find you the correct employee fit for your available positions, giving you a much quicker, simpler and convenient way to find qualified candidates.

  • We at Coltech are dedicated to provide you with the best candidates , we deliver your job requirements straight to Job seekers inbox .

  • Our tools automatically market selected jobs on social media widely used for job search.

  • Our team takes the time to regularly post jobs on Facebook, Twitter & other social media avenues.

Employer to join Coltech

  • Sign up on our website as an employer and fill out all the required details.

  • Post a job so that we could put it up in our directory and find the right match for your required position.

  • Engage more suitable candidates by sharing your Company’s story with them. Boost your brand to have a leg up in the market so that you can stand out from your competitors.

  • Broadcast compensation information for the candidates to make your brand seem legit.

Individual Job Posting

Are you in search babysitter in Edison, New Jersey, Domestic help in Princeton, New Jersey or would like to add Sales clerk in New Brunswick, New Jersey? Go ahead login as an employer Employer Login


How Do I Add Job on Coltech’s Website?

  1. Login as an employer or register employer account.

  2. We require no payment information to open an account.

  3.  Click Package Icon to add credits.

  4.  Access  Add Job icon after credits are added.

  5.  Require very little details other than job description.