Job Seeker


When would my job expire?

Your job will stay active 30 days from the day you posted.


How many credits do I need to post a job?

You’ll need 1 credit per job. You can either buy one job or multiple jobs package. It is more economical to purchase multi-job packages.


When would my job go live after I click the submit button?

Your job will go live immediately after you submit it on our website. You need to review your job description to ensure accuracy.


Can I make changes to the job once placed?

Yes you could make changes to the job once placed. However, the job expiration day will be calculated from the day job was first placed.


Do I need to create my resume in specific format?

You could create your resume in any standard format. You can build your resume with any industry standard tool or application.


Is there an opportunity for me to become a full-time employee?

Not all contract positions have the potential for full-time placement. However, most of our employees are directly hired by our customers on a daily basis!




How much does each credit cost?

The cost on each credit depends on how many credits you buy. The cost per credit reduces with more jobs you buy.


Can I build resume on your website?

Yes you can build your resume on our website without using outside tools or application.


Does your website provide capability to market my profile on other social media avenues?

COLTECH website lets you market your job profile on widely used social media channels.


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