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  • You would like to tell employer when to reach out to you for a

    Telephone Call, Telephone Interview or On site Interview

  • We got you covered, My availability application to do that all

  •  Availability initialized to default, ready to share with your employer.

You can customize to meet your availability needs to fast track job search.

You can reduce time wasted in numerous email exchange informing recruiters

         about your availability for an interview and streamline your job search.

Share your availability via social media, facebook, twitter, linkedin or via url via e-mail

Job Seeker Availability

Job Alert


Now Job Seekers can subscribe to  open jobs alert. You can choose to get open jobs email daily, weekly, per three weeks.

Setting job alert made easy, all you need to do ~ add job title, duration & email to start getting brand new open jobs from Coltech’s website.

  We had taken necessary measures to ensure you can easily unsubscribe when you desire or when you find your dream job.

Go ahead give it shot, if you think jobs send to your inbox out of your league just hit that unsubscribe button.You want to make changes to job subscription single job alert do it all., make many changes you wish.

 Job alerts from quality job search web site can without a doubt fasten your job search.

We understood job seeker would like unsubscribe to alert when she gets a job that’s why we had incorporate unsubscribe button in our job search alert.

Job Seeker partner with Coltech?


Coltech is a reliable job listing service that value its clients and collaborate with them to find the right employment opportunities tailored to their needs and skill set.


You can search numerous jobs from our directory we’ve got more than tens of thousands of them. You’ve got jobs on Coltech’s website from many industry segments


Leading Industry segment placing jobs with us

Are you preparing for a new job search, career change, or to get an idea about the job market, we got it all for you on out website. We got jobs from all  industry segments and specialized in customer service, sales  jobs local to New Jersey.  Here are some of the company segments listing jobs with Coltech or it’s affiliates. You  can start your job search to meet your career goal in industry segment of your choice.

To focus your job search with employers local to New  Jersey you can familiarize with major industry segments in New Jersey.

New Jersey Fortune 500 Companies

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Legal Services
  • Financial Services.
  • Educational
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Utilities

— We will also send alerts when a good fit for you is posted on our website.

We at Coltech go way beyond to help you find employment opportunity fit for you. We provide you services like career advice, resume makeover and education partners to give you a leg up in our job search directory.


Join Coltech’s Job Seekers’ Community


  • Create an account and upload your resume to be searched by the recruiters who search Coltech’s databases every day.
  • Upload your resume, and you’ll have the opportunity for a free expert critique that will help make sure your values stand out.
  • That’s all! Now wait for opportunities as they knock on your door because we at Coltech are committed to finding the best employment fit for you. All the alerts about such employment opportunities will be sent to you right away from our team


Job Search Strategies

The books are written, experts published unlimited papers and you can research numerous use cases on job search strategies. We would provide strategies stem from experience and practical methods.

Will these strategies result into a successful job search, answer is no. Why!  Because of many other factors. Our approach will increase favorable outcome many folds.


Job Title

The job title aligned with your work experience will enable you to visualize your next dream job. You want to wisely invest your time to come up with your next job title prior to start your job search.


Company Segment

 What would be the ideal company segment I want to search my next job. In financial! I worked last 9 years in financial, it makes sense for me to stay in financial.

You could be absolutely right. How about now your priorities have changed, you may want a job less demanding.

You may want to evaluate others options that better fit with your current situation.

Choosing company segment would also provide you direction to begin your job search with clear goal.



Number of questions comes to mind when preparing your resume.

How many pages are appropriate for my resume.

Do I want to show the break in employment?

I’ve acquired lot many skills, what skills do I market in my resume.


Expert will tell you 1 page, 2 pages or 3 pages are too many.

  • My take, a precise, to the point, resume to support your job title. You would be the judge on number of pages, avoid extraneous information that deviate from your job title. For reason we had chosen the job title in the beginning.
  • I’d think of resume a series of well written eye-catching billboard messages you glance at when driving on the highway.  Hiring managers in general will spent couple of minutes to go through  the resume.
  • Add your skills, roles, responsibilities you had acquired which are highly relevant to your desired job title.
  • Your employers, roles, responsibilities in a chronological order. Every employer you had worked start with latest employer.
  • Click on the Contact tab to get pointers on how to write your resume to fast track your job search. Contact Us

You may want employer name, job title in the beginning and job location, (City, State), start & end date on to the right corner

Financial Service Company, Director             New York, NY   Jan, 2010 to May, 2018


Get Resume Evaluated


The job market condition determines how many interview appearances in general are required to get you the job.  What without a doubt increase your likelihood many folds to get the interview is your resume.


Aren’t you agree it’s highly critical to spend time to prepare your resume. How about you letting your friend review your resume, well that certainly add some value.

How about a specialist with many years of experience in HR in reviewing resume, interviewing, & recommending job seekers to hiring manager reviews your resume?


How Much Time Worth in Building Resume?


You got to invest time to build impressive resume prior to start your job search. Consider this, you get up in the morning to get set to begin your job search. Login to job search website, enter your job search criteria, many jobs appear on the page matching your job search criteria.  All together you spent hour and half on that day’s job search.

You are pleased that you had applied for number of jobs matching your work experience. You repeat your daily job search ritual next 4 weeks and then all of sudden realize the response you have received thus far hardly satisfactory, distant to your desired job or work experience, you are informed by potential employers that you are overqualified, & job search  barely meet your expectations.

By now you had already in excess of 4 weeks in job search, spent more than 30 hours. On the contrary let’s say you would had spent 10 hours preparing your resume, getting it evaluated, either by your friend, colleague or professional evaluator.

The benefits time vested in resume preparation far outweigh the investment.

    • Shorten your job search

    • Make great impression.

    • Targeted, definitive response

    • Chances of your resume shortlisted will increase.

    • Higher chances of submission to hiring managers.

    • You get an edge on your competitors.

Click the link below to get your resume evaluated

Resume Evaluation



Employment in New Jersey

New Jersey with unemployment Rate 3.7% in Nov, 2018 great place to find employment in Biopharmaceutical, Financial, Manufacturing, Health care & Technology. Considering 1/6th of all pharmaceuticals manufactured in US are from New Jersey, without a doubt New Jersey is highly ranked state in US to find jobs in pharmaceuticals.

Get an idea on unemployment in New Jersey  check out chart shows New shows New Jersey Employment in comparison to New York & United States.

Unemployment New Jersey


Next door to Wall Street, Cities in New Jersey is perfect place for financial companies. Financials in New Jersey contributing more than approximate $31 billion to state’s economy.

New Jersey Top Employers